Health and Safety Compliance

SureSafe is a health and safety compliance tool used to report on and monitor important regulatory data. The data includes accident and incident information, regulatory task management, action and hazard information.

This data is used to provide detailed information about any incident or injury to workers as well as health and safety procedures that should be implemented.

SureSafe provides:

  • Reduction of accidents and incidents
  • Increase in employee’s involvement
  • First aid or basic health and safety procedures
  • Minimisation or elimination of hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Reduction in the time required to complete compliance
  • Reduction in compliance violations

Health and Safety Manual

SureSafe has different manuals downloadable for both workers and business owners. These health and safety manuals can be downloaded anytime. These are important guidelines that employees need to follow in case of emergencies or injuries. These aspects are also included in SureSafe’s compliance software report and review of the do’s and don’ts in a safe workplace.

Audit Management

SureSafe lets business owners review or schedule internal audits of their workers through their personal SureSafe accounts. Here, the owner can check if the workers were able to achieve or manage all health and safety procedures at work. They can record the workers’ current status, outcomes of work and resulting improvements with their tasks.