Q: Why is SureSafe simpler, easier and more effective?

A: SureSafe lets you easily take control of what you want to do and need to know in H&S. Simply click an icon in the Dashboard then you are on your way to compliance. It also gives you a photographic record of identified risks with a corresponding Hazard Control Plan that you and your workmates have captured in real time. It even alerts you as to which H&S activities have been completed, and by whom.

Q: How does SureSafe simplify safety documentation?

A: There are 4 easy steps to follow in documenting your compliance activities. No more hard-to-read paper forms getting lost, damaged, or not submitted.

Q: How customised is SureSafe?

A: With SureSafe, your H&S compliance is customized according to your specific business requirements, as well as the simplification of all documentation, including a detailed Task Analysis identifying the hazards and controls relating to the job or task being conducted.

Q: How does SureSafe provide enhanced compliance at a more affordable cost?

A: SureSafe allows you to electronically sign documents on the go, doing away with cumbersome report writing using a preloaded best practice database. Photos in the Hazard Control Plan or Hazardous Substance Registry are further evidence of your adherence to a ’reasonably practicable’ standard. These are just some of the features to help save you time and money by maintaining a safe working environment.

Q: How does SureSafe do away with detailed form filling?

A: SureSafe is a user-friendly system using tick boxes and drop down lists in an organised, easy to use step-by-step approach.

Q: How does SureSafe simplify my record keeping?

A: Are you still looking for your H&S documents somewhere? SureSafe allows you to access your files on the job site or anywhere from your mobile phone. Audit forms, Hazardous Substance registry, Policy, Contractor H&S Agreements, and more are just a tap away.

Q: How does SureSafe encourage engagement by my team?

A: With a built-in Time Sheet, SureSafe enables everyone to be accounted for and to be accountable for the job they do. From their mobile device, time on the job is automatically recorded and the Dashboard shows a current status of all relevant health and safety actions.

Q: How easy is it to start using SureSafe?

A: Users can learn H&S compliance in 5 minutes. Once SureSafe is set up for your business, your workers will be able to learn health and safety processes easily. Signed forms are automatically filed and PDF forms can be easily shared with another PCBU as required.